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Friday, June 19 2015


    Sekolah Tinggi Bahasa Asing (STBA) LIA (LIA Institute of Foreign Languages) Jakarta was established to realize Yayasan LIA' s mission to have both formal and non formal education. On April 19, 1995, a team to study the possibility of establishing LIA Institute of Foreign Languages was formed. The team members were: Ir. Sugeng Widodo (Head), Ilham Muhfrie, SE (Secretary/Tresurer), A. Djoko Purwadi, SE and Hasanudin, SE (Proposal field), Sudibyo Siyam, MA and Shanti Djonhar, MA (Curriculum field), Prabowo Utomo, SH and Umar Lutinulu, SE (Development Plan field), Soetopo Srisadono (Advisor).
    In 1998, based on decree of the Board of LIA Foundation No. 5 A/SK/DP/IX/98 about the establishement of LIA Institute of Foreign Languages, a decree was issued by the Executive Director No. 173/SK/DIRPEL/IX/98 about the forming of the team to establish LIA Institute of Foreign Languages. The duties included preparing all the requirements to seek for the permit to open a college to the Directorate General of Higher Education.
    The team succeeded to get the permit to open a college based on the decree of the General Director of Higher Education No. 155/D/O/1998 dated November 5, 1998. It gave an enlisted status for 3 Study Programs for S1 and D3 Programs in LIA Institute of Foreign Languages. Another decree of the General Director of Higher Education No. 20/DIKTI/KEP/1999 dated February 4, 1999 was about issuing an enlisted status to S1 Japanese Program. 
   The teaching and learning process was started on September 6, 1999. On September 9, 1999, Drs. Taufik Ismail gave a studium generale to all students, and from then on, it was considered as the day LIA Institute of Foreign Languages was founded.  



LIA INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES JAKARTA aims to be a prominent foreign language school whose graduates can develop their knowledge, are fluent in a foreign language, and equipped with competences needed in their field or work.



In order to achieve the vision, LIA INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES JAKARTA has set its mission as follows :

a. To administer study programs that support the development of the knowledge of language and its application in various jobs and in the higher education;

b. To develop language education that will be advantageous to science and tecnology;

c. To carry out activities that use knowledge about language in order to give some contribution to the community development;

d. To support academic and professional development relevant to the development of knowledge and Indonesian environment that needs skills and competences in a foreign language.




  • Strategic Location
  • Air-Conditioned room
  • Language and Computer Laboratories
  • Student's Insurance
  • Library
  • Free Internet Hotspot (Wi-Fi) 

Campus location  

Jl. Pengadegan Timur Raya No.3, Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan 12770
Telp. (021) 7918-1051, (021) 7918-1051,      
Fax. (021) 7918-1057

Toll-free #: 0-800-140 3027