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LINGUA: Call for Paper

LINGUA: Jurnal Ilmiah invites you to publish your research articles to our journal (in the processing to accreditation) Publication                : Vol. 17, No. 1, 2020 (April 2020) Focus and Scope        : BIPA, English and Japanese Language Teaching, Literature and Linguistics Deadline Submission*: March, 13th, 2020 Note: LINGUA : Jurnal Ilmiah

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Jalur non-skripsi (JNS) merupakan sebuah alternatif untuk menyelesaikan studi program S1 selain jalur skripsi (JS) bagi mahasiswa STBA LIA Sesuai dengan namanya, JNS adalah jalur untuk mendapatkan gelar sarjana strata 1 (satu) tanpa menulis skripsi. Untuk itu, JNS diharapkan dapat menunjukkan mutu sarjana melalui hasil belajar dan ujian tugas akhir/penuntasan, sesuai dengan bahasa yang dipelajarinya dan ilmu pengetahuan yang berkaitan

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Sosialisasi Peminatan Jurusan Bahasa Inggris

Pada 03 Februari 2020, Prodi Bahasa Inggris STBA LIA mengadakan sosialisasi program peminatan bagi mahasiswa S1. Dalam acara tersebut, Ibu Ismarita Ramayanti, Ph.D selaku Ketua Program Studi Bahasa Inggris dan Ibu Diah Merrita, M.Hum selaku Sekretaris Program Studi Bahasa Inggris memaparkan syarat-syarat yang harus dipenuhi bagi mahasiswa yang akan mengambil program tersebut dan memberikan gambaran pada tiap-tiap peminatan yang ada,

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  • Backgrounds

STBA LIA is a formal education institution under the LIA Foundation. Established since 1999 in Jakarta, LIA foundation is famous for the quality of foreign language education through English courses that have been running since 1959. LIA’s experience in managing foreign language education is strongly convincing. Therefore, STBA LIA is a formal education unit in the teaching of foreign languages that people can rely on.

  • Visions

To be a national excellent education institution of foreign languages by integrating science and technology in building Indonesia.

  • Missions

A. To provide quality learning and teaching that meets national and global demands and has wide access.

B. To do researches that produces scientific truth or technology which can resolve problems in society and push science further.

C. To do community service that contributes in solving societal problems, increasing society’s dignity, and building Indonesian culture.

D. To build quality partnerships with government and private institutions, both in Indonesia and abroad, for academic and non-academic purposes.

E. To conduct and implement knowledge for the nation as well as the research; to build an academic atmosphere and its ethics; to have a widespread networking in order to strengthen STBA LIA’s Visions.

  • Japanese Department

Japanese Department of STBA LIA provides Japanese education which offers concentration in Translation and Literature-Culture concentration. The need for uent Japanese employees is increasingly widespread. Therefore, graduates of STBA LIA’s Japanese Department are in high demand because their Japanese skills are highly reliable and recommended. Supported by well-experienced lecturers, the Japanese Department of STBA LIA’s gives thorough education in Japanese language and its culture that prepare students for professional life.

  • English Department

STBA LIA’s English Department provides English education which offers three concentrations in Translation, Teaching, and Journalism. With profound and qualied English language skills, graduates of STBA LIA’s English Department are ready to compete in today’s global world. With qualied lecturers and supported by adequate.

  • International Affairs Office

The International Affairs Ofce (IAO) of STBA LIA is a unit for academic and non academic partnership program. The form of partnership is U to U (University to University), both domestic and abroad. STBA LIA has many long partnerships with Kanda International Studies University (KUIS), Japan, Asia Pacic
University (APU) Japan, Kochi University, Japan, and Yamanashi University, Japan. In addition to partnerships above, IAO of STBA LIA also handles other partnership programs, such as internship programs in Japan. STBA LIA collaborates with a Japanese company, LPK Minori Japan, to provide 3 months internship opportunities for students at 2 Resorts: Rusutsu Resort and Kikoro Resort, Hokkaido, Japan, specialty at hospitality. STBA LIA also provides TOEFL and IELTS preparation program for the Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics College (STMKG) as in collaboration of U to U domestic practices. For a long time, IAO has a special program for Foreign (Non-native) Speakers to learn Indonesian Language and Indonesian culture. The Government, through Minister of Education, has entrusted the Darmasiswa scholarship program for foreign students to learn Indonesian language and its culture at STBA LIA. STBA LIA has been managing this program since 2008 and, until now, there have been hundreds of graduates from this program. The non-native students are always fascinated because the language learning is not only done inside the classroom but also outside the classroom.

  • Scholarship

STBA LIA is cooperating with The Minister of Education in providing scholarships for outstanding students and for the Indonesian athletes. In addition, STBA LIA also cooperates with Kopertis Region III to provide Academic Scholarships. To improve self-development, students are encouraged to get scholarships or take short courses abroad.

  • Social Responsibility

STBA LIA has a special unit of research and community service that caters the implementation of Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. Through seminars and workshops, as well as community services, STBA LIA increases the academic quality of its lecturers and students by inviting academic or professional speakers to give short lectures around language, education, and culture.

  • Student Affairs

STBA LIA’s Student Affairs provides a variety of activities that accommodate students’ wide range of talents and interests. These activities include Cultural Festivals, speech and debate competitions, and students’ clubs performances, as well as student’s organizations and students’ interests clubs. STBA LIA support students’ activities to support them to be more creative, independent, and professional individuals.

  • Facility

STBA LIA campus is equipped with supporting facilities for learning and students activities. There are 2 language labs for listening courses, 1 multimedia lab, and 1 lab for language translation. Additionally, all classrooms in STBA LIA are equipped with LCD projectors. To support students’ activities outside the classrooms, STBA LIA provides sports facility, mosque, and library. For its library, STBA LIA has various sources collections of top quality books that help students to study better.